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Meet The Leders

Bishop Francis Vaughan

From its humble beginnings, Bishop Francis Vaughan has overseen this ministry since 1961, expanding the ministry with branches in the Caribbean, Africa and right here in the UK.
Bishop Vaughan, who has four children from his union with the late Mary Vaughan, is a humble servant of God who has built this ministry with faithful workers at his side, on a foundation of prayer.
Today, Bishop Vaughan is determined to leave a legacy that future generations can be proud of. With the support of his present wife, Beryl Vaughan, he desires to see Miracle Church make an impact in the community and the world. He desires to see the growth and development of people into ministries, with a spirit of excellence, creating disciples; while transforming and restoring purpose in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Pastor Peter Stapleton

Co-Pastor Miracle Church Bedford

Elder Morris Reid

Elder Reid

Miracle Church Bedford


Elder Lonnie Haye

Elder Hate in the gardens of Buckingham Palace

Miracle Church Bedford

Elder Frederick Eastman

Miracle Church Bedford